Kanye West has an incredible back catalog of some of the finest rap music ever recorded. Many have been critical of Ye’s more recent work. Most have been unable to check out Donda 2 since it requires the purchase of a $200 gadget to legally listen.

An old video of Kanye discussing his records recently resurfaced. Kanye said he felt that 808s and Yeezus were better than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West said MBDTF was his least challenging record.

Fans took to Twitter to debate Kanye’s opinion on his work. Posts came out all over the place debating where 808s, Yeezus, and MBDTF stand in the pantheon of Kanye West albums. Consensus opinions were hard to come by.

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his best work by far! Once an artist releases the work to the world the audience decides what become legendary. That is how it always has been. He might like one album over another but its not up to the artist to decide was is classic”

“To me this is him articulating the difference between the art he makes vs everyone else. In 2012 I told him I didn’t like 808s but it became my favorite album of his 3 months later. His reply: “ohh? You’re going to haaaate yeezus even more before you love it then”. True story”

“MBDTF was a masterpiece and was easily his best work. Yeezus felt rushed and lacked potential & 808s could have gotten deeper in the heartbreak concept”

“I always appreciated Kanye’s use of samples and guest spots in MBDTF. he was almost like a master orchestra composer, melding and fusing so many disparate threads, bringing the best out of an insane number of artists…”

Regardless of your stance on which Kanye West album is the best, there are some absolute classics out there. Kanye Himself wasn’t a huge fan of MBDTF and thought it was a trivial album. Many fans have begged to disagree, while others have taken Kanye’s side in the ongoing discussion.

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