K. Michelle understands exactly how to keep everyone’s focus on her. We’ve grown to adore the 39-year-old singer because to her dramatic ways on Love & Hip-Hop, where she’s always getting herself into messes with her co-stars. Her mouth has gotten her in trouble before, but she isn’t trending this week because of anything she said.

K. Michelle became a social media sensation after she pulled out a stunt during a recent performance. K. Michelle was feeling frisky while singing a song of “Can You Stand The Rain” and pulled out her breasts for a while, flashing the crowd before putting her top back on.

K. has been posting images from the concert on her various accounts since it happened a few days ago in Houston. She hasn’t spoken much about flashing the crowd, instead focusing on promoting her new album, I’m The Problem. To promote her upcoming album, she recently released “Scooch,” her latest song.

It’s unclear why K. Michelle decided to lift her top for the crowd, but the front row was clearly having a good time, cheering enthusiastically as she flashed them. Watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Gunjan Nath

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