Dax Shepard is a popular figure who has appeared in the feature films like Without a Paddle and Zathura: A Space Adventure. Since 2018, he has hosted Armchair Expert, a podcast that interviews celebrities, journalists, and academics about their lives. It seems he revealed his past relationship recently.

Dax Shepard was thunderstruck by his ex-girlfriend Ashley Olsen before Kristen Bell captured his heart. On a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, Shepard spoke about his past with Ashley Olsen. He admitted that they dated about “15 or 16 years ago.”

She’s just the most wonderful person. She’s fantastic. I just saw her at a party and was kind of thunderstruck by her beauty.

While discussing The Row, the high-end apparel line Ashley co-founded with her twin Mary-Kate Olsen, the “Baby Mama” actor brought up his prior affair with Ashley. The 35-year-old was throwing all her energy and concentration into establishing The Row in a huge way.

Ashley’s personality was also discussed by Shepard, who stated that she and her sister are both sardonic. He also joked about how thankful he was that he had never seen Ashley on her show “Full House,” which she and her sister appeared in from the age of one to eight.

Shepard and Bell began dating in 2007 and married in October of that year. Delta, who is seven years old, and Lincoln, who is eight years old, are their two daughters. In 2015, Shepard opened up about how the pair have been going to couples therapy since they struck up their relationship.

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