Cristiano Ronaldo has turned 37 years today. Despite his age, he has maintained the remarkable goal-scoring record since joining Manchester United from Juventus last summer, He has been chastised for his lack of match-work, with some questioning his suitability for interim boss Ralf Ragnick’s high-pressing style of play.

Cristiano Ronaldo placed his entire body on display recently on his Instagram page, showering in nothing but his undies, and nearly 1 million people watched! On Instagram Live, the soccer legend showed off his ripped body by running water over it for many seconds before signing off with a salute and a kiss to the camera.

The stream was brief, but it was well-received. At one point during the broadcast, 670,000 people were watching him. There’s not an ounce of fat on the 37-year-body, old’s and it’s obvious he knows it. It’s a much-needed break for Ronaldo, who has struggled in recent weeks for Manchester United.

Since the year 2022 began, he’s only scored once. Soccer fans are beginning to worry that the icon is slipping for the first time in his career. If this is the beginning of the end, one thing is certain: his physique isn’t showing it. Check out the CR7’s shower live stream below.

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