50 Cent remains one of the most influential rappers in the history of the Hip-Hop world. Fif made his mark in various mediums such as games, movies, books and more. The NY rapper supports DaBaby, and the rap legend is also known to defend those he believes in. It seems he recently trolled one of his peers.

50 Cent will always try to make fun of his celebrity friends, especially Floyd Mayweather Jr., the former boxing champion. The Queens rapper decided to poke fun at Money Mayweather earlier this week, who went viral for the jewelry he donned at a recent basketball game.

50 Cent rushed to Twitter recently to share his thoughts on Floyd’s wardrobe. The undefeated boxer wore a plain black t-shirt and slacks, but it was the hefty Cuban link chains around his neck that attracted everyone’s attention. 50, being the jokester that he is, compared Mayweather to 1980s TV and wrestling icon Mr. T, who is known for wearing gold chains that are identical to Mayweather’s.

Wait, Rocky got a new movie coming out? LOL.

50 compared a photo of Floyd’s attire to two photographs of Mr. T, who played Clubber Lang in Rocky III, in his tweet. The connection between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather has been fascinating to say the least. The two used to hang together on a daily basis until a falling out led to 50 and Floyd shooting each other over the years.

Although they haven’t spoken in a while, 50 always has a few jokes in the chamber for his old pal. The Get Rich Or Die Trying rapper, on the other hand, wasn’t joking when he threatened to yank his Power Universe show off the STARZ network earlier this week.

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