The Chicks are the iconic platinum-selling country trio that changed their name during 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests as a way to separate themselves from the racist connotations from the word “Dixie.” It is perhaps the highest-profile example of a musical act rechristening itself over questions of historical and social resonance.

The Chicks are on the road once more. The three-woman country band recently announced that they will go on tour this summer for the first time since 2017. This also means it will be their first major tour since changing their name from “The Dixie Chicks” in 2020.

Many musicians have found it difficult to return to live performance after two years of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. The Chicks — Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, and Emily Strayer — released their most recent album, Gaslighter, in 2020, but were unable to tour because of the pandemic. The trip will take place in 27 cities across North America.

Strayer informed the Associated Press what she missed most about touring.

What I have missed the most about touring is the first couple minutes of every show. The house lights going dark, the roar of the crowd and the opening song pumping through the PA. I think we’ve all missed being connected through live music!

Maguire also discussed her yearning with the AP.

While we were recording the Gaslighter album, I was constantly picturing performing all of those songs on tour.

The tour begins on June 14 in Maryland and concludes on August 13 in Washington. The Chicks’ website lists all of their tour dates. This Friday, tickets will go on sale.

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