Alpo Martinez’s murder sparked a heated debate. It seemed a little risky for a man who had many opponents in Harlem to be travelling around as easily as he did. He was shot and died moments after leaving a nightclub, and many speculated that it was because of his collaboration with the FBI.

Martinez’s murder has reportedly led to the arrest of a suspect, according to the Daily News. Shakeem Parker was arrested and charged with fatally shooting the known kingpin after allegedly harboring a grudge against him for months over a road rage incident.

Martinez, who was known for driving carelessly and dangerously near to pedestrians, allegedly hit 27 year old Parker on foot with his motorcycle last summer. According to the sources, it was a crime of opportunity after Parker saw Martinez drive past in a Dodge Ram.

According to the authorities, Parker allegedly gathered images of Martinez and the crime scene from news stories. Despite the possibility that the shooting was motivated by street politics, investigators were able to follow Martinez and Parker’s movements before to the shooting.

On Halloween, the kingpin-turned-informant, played by Cam’ron in Paid In Full, was partying at Legends Lounge while Parker was with his friends in a Harlem deli. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available about the case.

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