Chicago based rapper Lil Wop is famous for his hit track Lost My Mind. Initially Lil Wop was a big fan of Gucci Mane and in just a year he became his newest protégé. He now has some harsh choice of words for his former boss Gucci Mane.

The rapper took to Twitter to reveal he dislikes Gucci on Monday February 28th. He called him weirdo after explaining how he parted ways with his label in 2018.

I’m Not Signed To 1017. I Got Out My Contract With Them In 2018. And I Don’t F*ck With Gucci Mane He’s A Weirdo!

Lil Wop also claimed on instagram that leaving the label was his own choice, rather than Gucci Mane dropping him.

“Just Had To Let This Be Known & I Didn’t Get Dropped I Left, That Sh*t Was Super Wack!”.

Earlier in February Lil Wop revealed that he is bisexual. He made it known through an instagram post with a photo of himself wearing pigtails and his torso showing.

“I’m Bisexual. I Like Guys & Girls. It’s W.E.”

After his revelation fans appreciated the confidence of the Chicago rapper by posting appreciative tweets on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Wop became a familiar name in the music industry after the release of his hit track Lost My Mind. Initially Lil Wop was a big fan of the American rapper Gucci Mane. In Just a year he became his newest protege. It is now quite opposite of how their correlation was like.

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