Kodak Black made some wild claims throughout his life and made headlines. From mastermind behind several hip-hop trends to snitching credit for JAY-Z’s hairstyle along with responsible for other star’s success. It seems he revealed his tactics of sliding into DMs.

Kodak Black appears to be a hit with the ladies, and the rapper is revealing how he gets into their DMs. Kodak reportedly gave birth to a daughter last month and is expecting another with two women who appear to refer to themselves as the rapper’s girlfriends.

It’s not uncommon for entertainers to have many families or engage in polyamorous relationships, as Nick Cannon can speak to. Meanwhile, Kodak Black is notorious for flaunting his lady pals on social media or raising a stir after a woman twerked on him as a hockey game date.

Wallo and Gillie Da Kid wanted to know how the rapper approached women online while visiting the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast lately. The hosts were curious as to how often ladies fall for it, and Kodak claimed that it works more often than it fails.

I probably send a drooling emoji. Gotta switch my sh*t up now that I put it out there.

In comparison to pre-social media days, the trio also discussed how DMs have provided users more plain access to shooting their photos. Gillie joked about needing a great car and how if he saw a woman walking down the street, he would have to pull over, walk with her for a block or two, and hope that she would give him her phone number by the end.

Wallo commended Kodak after the rapper revealed that this was the first time in his life that he had not returned to prison within a year. Below are highlights from the talk as well as the complete interview.

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