Joe Rogan went right into another issue after putting an end to one. For weeks, Rogan has been at the center of a Spotify incident and has been accused of bigotry, and he was recently mocked once again, this time over a bogus story regarding the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Of course, the world has been watching Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine with bated breath. This has resulted in a worldwide backlash against Vladimir Putin, as sanctions have been imposed on the country and multinational corporations have pledged to avoid doing business with it.

Information has been thrown at social media from all sides, and it’s not difficult to locate millions of reposts across all platforms. Rogan has been disseminating information on the battle, and he recently posted a screenshot of a fake CNN article claiming that actor Steven Seagal had joined Russian special forces on Instagram.

A fake CNN report went viral on the internet claiming that Seagal was with Russian special troops near Kyiv, Ukraine. It even featured a photo of Seagal dressed in military uniform alongside other troops, but a quick search revealed that the image was from one of the actor’s flicks. Rogan deleted the post after it received over 400K likes and 11K comments and then returned with an explanation.

I deleted my earlier post about Steven Seagal being in Ukraine because it was parody, which isn’t surprising, but honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if it was true either. He was banned from Ukraine in 2017 because he was labeled as a national security threat. I, like all of you, hope the tragic situation is resolved there quickly.

Steven Seagal was notably barred from entering Ukraine in 2017 after Putin, a close friend of the actor, granted him a Russian passport. Although Ukraine saw him as a threat, Seagal has claimed that he is praying for both countries.

Because Rogan has long been accused of disseminating false information to the public through his over 10 million podcast listeners, the Seagal incident has reawakened accusations that he is spreading dangerous fake news. Take a look at the posts below.

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