Naya Rivera’s accidental drowning death sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Now her family can have a bit more closure.

Ryan Dorsey, Naya Rivera’s ex, and her family have struck an agreement with Ventura County to terminate their legal struggle. The Glee star’s estate and the father of her 4-year-old son Josey have informed the court of the settlement, according to court records acquired by The Blast.

The actress hired a pontoon boat in Lake Piru, roughly an hour west of Los Angeles, in July 2020. Her son was the only other person on the boat. After several hours, another boat approached the boat and discovered her son sleeping alone. They quickly alerted the cops, who launched a huge search.

Josey told authorities that he and his mother were swimming when his mother suddenly pushed him onto the boat. He claims he hasn’t seen her since. Naya’s body was discovered in the lake five days later and had to be identified using her dental records.

The family’s lawyer Amjad K. Khan released a statement about the settlement. “In Josey Hollis Dorsey and the Estate of Naya Rivera’s litigation relating to the drowning death of Naya Rivera on July 8, 2020, all parties have entered into a global settlement, which is subject to approval by the Ventura Superior Court on March 16. Through this settlement, Josey will receive just compensation for having to endure the drowning of his beloved mother at Lake Piru. Though the tragic loss of Josey’s mother can never truly be overcome, we are very pleased that the monetary settlement will significantly assist Josey with his life beyond this tragedy.”

Months later, Ryan and Naya’s family filed a wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress lawsuit against Ventura County and the United Water Conservation District. Naya’s death, according to her relatives, may have been avoided if suitable warning signs had been placed warning of the lake’s danger.

The suit also alleged that the yacht she rented lacked the necessary equipment. According to the lawsuit, 26 other people have perished on the lake in the past. The defendants rejected culpability, stating that Naya was given a life vest but did not use it. The terms of the agreement are to be kept private.

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