Boosie Badazz and his cousin, Fredo Bang, have had a rocky relationship in the past. In fact, Boosie allegedly provided Fredo the erroneous phone number when they initially met, preventing the rapper from contacting him. Things had seemed to be going better for the two in recent months, but it hit another bump recently.

Fredo was withdrawn from an upcoming performance with Boosie and Webbie in Georgia. The “Most Hated” rapper appeared to call out Boosie for removing him from the lineup. Fredo Bang released a promotional poster from a performance he was slated to perform alongside Boosie and Webbie.

He disclosed that he was removed from the lineup for an unknown reason while promoting a number of his future shows. Later, he sent direct messages to an unidentified source with almost the same amount of followers as Boosie’s most recent Instagram account, chastising him for taking money off his hands.

They Kicked Me Off This Show, But That’s What Happens When You The Most Hated. Real N***** Don’t Stop Other N***** Money, No Matter How Much They Don’t Like Em.

Before releasing his purported DMs with Boosie, Fredo went on to advertise a second scheduled event with Webbie, which does not appear to have been cancelled. Although it has not been confirmed that Boosie is the reason for Fredo Bang’s dismissal from the lineup, it appears to be what the rapper is hinting in his social media statements.

Gunjan Nath

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