The music mogul Diddy is well known from the early days of Hip-Hop. When you are someone with the same fame and reach as Diddy, you have people flocking around you in hopes of getting an opportunity to climb the ladder.

This phenomenon was so prominent in the industry that MTV made a show revolving around it with hundreds of people doing just that for Diddy. The show was called Making the Band.

With the show’s return to the TV in developments, the clips from the original show have gained massive traction on Twitter.

Few of Diddy’s clips from the original show that surfaced on Twitter display Diddy meaning mean to those would-be signees on the series pandering to him. With that, fans have accused Diddy of “running a musical prison camp” for his mistreatment of those on the show.

One of the viral videos from Making the Band 4 showcase two groups of singer aggressively singing at each other as Diddy continued to watch them. In the clip, the multi millionaire can be seen interrupting the singers whenever he please and made comments like who “wanted it” more.

Outraged fans pointed out this by saying Diddy was being “extra” by having his artists battle on the show and be rude to them. “Diddy was really running musical prison camps on Making the Band,” commented one person on the video. “Diddy was just as trash as Tyra for this abusive ass shit. Wasting their time and talents to make him feel important. Absolutely worthless,” said another.

Some are even considering Diddy a villian in the wake of this.

Check out some of the popular Tweets below.

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Bhupen Dange

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