Farrah Abraham’s is no stranger to being criticized for her parenting skills. This time it is no different. Fans are concerned about Farrah Abraham’s daughter once again.

This all started after Farrah shared a new TikTok video of her daughter Sophia just being a teenager. In the video, she caught her daughter eating on top of the kitchen island and sleeping while her phone was in her hand a candle was lit. While some fans had issues with Farrah being too informal with her daughter, others were just worried about what could happen if Sophia left a candle burning unwatched again.

“She’s not your best friend. be a mom. She already looks like she is heading down a bad road,” wrote one fan. “No boundaries no responsibility,” read another popular comment.

Meanwhile, others took issue with the fire hazard. “That candle next to the bed is terrifying but then realizing this is farrah its all just terrifying,” wrote a third fan. “The candle next to the bed makes me so nervous,” the fourth person agreed.

Fans aren’t the only ones who are afraid for Sophia. Previously, Sophia’s grandmother, Debra Danielsen also said she was scared for her granddaughter. Looks like the teen mom’s alums are really not doing great as parents.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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