The situation between Russia and Ukraine has been very hostile due to the former’s aggressive invasion. Countries, organizations, and people have all protested and voiced their disappointment in the matter. However, Onlyfans has come into the limelight by showing retaliation a bit differently.

Recently Russian creators on OnlyFans were locked out of their accounts over the weekend. They were unable to access their accounts and hence couldn’t tap into their earnings. Worried creators took to Twitter to share screengrabs of customer support messages from OnlyFans.

Alana Evans, the president of the adult performers’ union Adult Performers’ Artists Guild (APAG), says her team had been fielding a bunch of complaints. The complaints come from models who reside in Russia, Belarus, and even Ukraine. She says that the group is looking into ways to work with other organizations and raise aid for sex workers on both sides impacted by the war.

Onlyfans confirmed the restriction on payments was a result of the U.S., Canada, and European allies booting Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. Such sanctions may have the effect of squeezing vulnerable people in Russia. OnlyFans did not alert Russian creators that they would not be able to access their funds in advance and only issued a notification about their frozen account.

“Any available balances will remain secure and pending until such time that they may be withdrawn again. While creators are not responsible for the recent attacks on Ukraine, due to worldwide financial restrictions we have very limited methods to pay Creator accounts linked to Russia and Belarus.”

A whole bunch of content creators on the platform took to the internet and posted about their grievances on the issue. However, as of Sunday, OnlyFans said it had been able to restore account activity for creators in all countries.

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