Astroworld tragedy last year has greatly influenced a performer’s psychology during their live gigs. Following the tragedy last year, there has been a lot of talk about performers pausing their gigs for a variety of reasons. People continue to blame Travis Scott for the deaths of ten festival attendees.

Critics claimed that Scott was aware of the commotion in the crowd yet refused to stop performing. Scott’s supporters and legal team argue otherwise, but this has made artists more aware of concerns that may arise in their live audiences.

Monica was in the middle of a song when she noticed something occurring in the front row, according to a video of her performing at a recent concert that went viral. After observing people in the throng bickering with one another, Monica took a moment to examine what was going on.

Hold on one minute, what’s the problem right here? Aht! Not in this motherf*cker tonight! No, no! Not in here. Nope, nope, we ain’t killin’ no vibes in here.

Billie even gave her inhaler to a sick fan a few weeks ago, saying she likes to make sure her fans are safe while she performs. Louis Tomlinson also glanced into his sold out standing-room-only audience, abruptly paused the song, and then shouted out on the mike for aid.

The whole problem appeared to be over someone not being able to watch the act because someone else was too tall, but the singer quickly put down the petty disagreement and continued without more delays. Monica keeps it real in the video below.

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