Kourtney Kardashian has been wrapped around in rumors regarding her wedding and pregnancy recently. On that note, she has now turned to a comedian to put a skewed take on her love life with Travis.

Kourtney had enlisted the help of comedian Benny Drama for the parody video as part of the ‘Poosh Your Wellness 2022’ event. The “opening ceremony” saw the reality star sit down with the social media comic to discuss the event. Benny, whose real name is Benito Skinner dressed as Kourtney from the future.

The DASH co-founder was seen wearing a black top and pants, underneath a leather jacket. Benny accompanied her in a similar outfit but had mouse ears on as an accessory. The duo was making fun of Kourtney and Travis’ PDA-filled posts and relentless brags about their wild sex life.

She told Benny, “It’s [her brand] about future happiness,” to which he gushed, “I’m happy right now, Kourt.” Benny replied: “I’m happy right now, Kourt!” Benny then told Kourtney to flash the ring which she did and they moved on to the next segment of the video.

Benny has previously impersonated Kourtney on social media to which both she and Travis commented laughing out loud. The virtual festival was held yesterday, which the fans were able to attend for free through general admission tickets. There was also a “premium pass” for $349 that included receiving a number of “Poosh-approved products.”

The video was made in good fun as they promoted the brand Poosh while also commenting on Kourtney’s recent activities on social media. As fans speculate more on her being pregnant and her imminent marriage, the rumors might take to reality very soon.

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