Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ little brother, Jackson Mahomes has a hard time staying out of controversy. Jackson is getting ripped by yet another business for his shady behavior.

The Chief QB’s brother scammed a snack company out of a $250 care package. Sam Farha owner of Rare Munchiez told TMZ Sports, that Jackson messaged the company on Instagram back in January wherein he said, he loved the company’s product. He then requested a care package from the company.

Farha told the outlet that he had no problem with Jackson’s request as long as Mahomes posted his business and the bundle for his 260,000 followers to see. Farha further revealed that Mahomes agreed to give a shout out to his company on social media but after the $250 package was delivered and signed for by the 21-year-old on Feb. 8, he went MIA.

Farha reached out to Mahomes several times over the next 2-3 weeks after the delivery. He had screenshots of their conversation to back up his claims. Farha told the outlet, “It’s not like he wasn’t seeing our messages,” He added, “He was opening them every time I sent a message. He looked at all my DMs for 2 weeks straight.”

Farha then decided to call out Mahomes on social media by posting a TikTok video this week. Soon after the video went viral, Jackson responded to Farha. Farha shared, “He still says he never received it after the video went viral, It took a video to go viral, bashing him, for him to actually respond!”

“My message for him is to basically stop taking advantage of clout, trying to scam small businesses because that’s just not how the world works. He’s just using his brother’s name and fame for himself to get free stuff.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson has been smacked into controversy for his questionable behavior. Just two months ago, he was ripped by a restaurant in Kansas City for allegedly clout chasing after he made a social media post about their bad service. Meanwhile, Jackson has yet to comment on this recent incident.

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