Charlie Puth is regularly viral on TikTok owing to his amazing musical capabilities. As a singer, songwriter and record producer, Charlie is multi talented just like Kanye. So, no wonder Charlie has been a Kanye fan for ages.

Puth made one of 2018’s best pop albums, “Voicenotes.” which rose to critical acclaim and peaked number 4 on the Billboard 200. Now we wait for Charlie’s 2022 album. “Charlie” is the upcoming third studio album by the pop star, most likely be released in 2022.

But before we have Charlie (2022), Puth wants us to know how much he appreciates The College Dropout (2004). The album is of course, the critically acclaimed and fan favorite debut album from Ye.

The “Attention” singer went on to tweet in Ye’s favor yesterday. Charlie tweeted: “College dropout really did change hip hop.” This isn’t the first time Puth has expressed his admiration for Ye openly. In May 2020 when Ye got a GQ cover, Puth deemed him “Best Artist Ever” and the love doesn’t stop there.

In October 2021, Puth tweeted out, “It’s really crazy how no one has made a better beat than Mercy by Kanye West” This is definitely not shocking at all. Ye is one of the most influential music artist of all time and the multi talented Charlie Puth relates to appreciates Ye very much. Its quite refreshing to see this all the negativity surrounding Kanye.

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