Keke Wyatt is a baby making machine. Keke announced that she is pregnant with her 11th child just a few days back. She took to Instagram to reveal that she and her husband, Zackariah Darring, are expecting. Congratulations were in order for the singer as she just announced that she’s adding another member to her family.

Keke Wyatt has stated that she is open to having another child. Following the announcement that she is expecting her 11th kid, Keke Wyatt revealed that she isn’t ruling out the option of having a 12th child. During an interview with Us Weekly, Wyatt talked about her recently announced pregnancy.

Well, my hunnie, [Zackariah Darring], can wear a [‘Last One’] shirt all he wants, [but] I have learned never say never. So we shall see. OK!

In October of 2018, Wyatt and Darring tied the knot. Ke’Riah David Darring, the couple’s kid, was born in January 2020. Rahmat Morton and Michael Ford, Wyatt’s ex-husbands, are the fathers of her other children. “I am very hands-on with all of my children,” she said of her parenting style.

She feels most at ease when she’s with her family. She tried everything from nannies to babysitters but it wasn’t really her cup of tea. Her children assist her in a variety of ways and they are enthusiastic in general.

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