Kanye West has mastered the art of creating massive musical moments. Everyone’s eyes and ears are on Ye, with the jeen-yuhs documentary and Donda 2 swirling around the audio/visual mix at the same time. It seems like Ye saw a massive jump in his Spotify numbers amidst the hype.

Act 1 of the jeen-yuhs documentary centered on his incredibly early music career, before his debut album The College Dropout was released. We were brought in to witness his journey, which included seeing him shop demo versions of songs that went on to become international successes.

Kanye performing “All Falls Down” in the headquarters of Roc-A-Fella Records and getting dismissed was a significant moment in the first instalment. Seeing that created a renewed love for the classic Kanye West cut, resulting in the song’s streaming figures skyrocketing.

Donda 2 news and material began to surface at an exponential rate in the weeks following the release of jeen-yuhs Act 1. Multiple sources, including Ye himself on Instagram, poured forth studio sessions, tracklists, updates, and information on how to get the album (exclusively through his Stem Player platform).

The DONDA EXPERIENCE PERFORMANCE, which took place on February 22nd, the album’s ostensible release date, featured an unfinished version of the album as well as several Donda 1 tracks. Although the second half did not go as planned, listeners were eager to hear the new idea. Donda 2 was then released in pieces on the aforementioned Stem Player website.

Jeen-yuhs Act 2 was available on Netflix a few days later. The College Dropout’s release, as well as the accompanying activity and excitement, was the subject of the second chapter. The creation of the Jamie Foxx and Twista featured tune “Slow Jamz” was a highlight for many fans.

Fans returned to The College Dropout en masse in praise of a young Kanye West’s effort and artistry, as they had done with “All Falls Down.” All of this culminated in Ye being the most streamed Spotify artist in the world for two days in a row, despite the fact that Donda 2 had not yet been released on the platform.

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