The Russia and Ukraine war has kept almost everyone very disturbed lately. Russia is definitely going to face consequences even in FIFA 2022 World Cup. We will have to see if this convinces Vladimir Putin to back off his full-scale invasion.

The Russian National Football team will be allowed to play at some World Cup qualifying games only because FIFA is letting them proceed. Authorities announced on Sunday that they are going to let Russia play against some neighboring nations instead of imposing an all-out ban.

According to TMZ, FIFA says they are not going to allow the Russian flag to be put on display and won’t play the national anthem either. They’re also going to ask the team to go by a new name – The Football Union of Russia.

Out of these the biggest restriction that FIFA imposed is that they are not going to allow any matches to be held on Russian grounds. Their people are already unsettled enough by this, and now FIFA is taking away soccer.

Sweden, The Czech Republic, and Poland were all set to play a 4 team playoff round in Russia. Poland was supposed to play with Russia during the playoff round but shortly after the team said it was “totally unacceptable” and were quite committed to not playing against Russia.

The World Cup is scheduled in Qatar this year. While the teams are pretty much determined not to play with Russia, FIFA is yet to take a final decision.

Sanchari Ghosh

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