Drake is one of music’s biggest stars. The Toronto rapper has reached the level of fame where every day he is a walking target for gossip, accusations, and lawsuits. Drake has been photographed in practically every part of the globe at this stage in his career, living the opulent lifestyle that comes with his insane level of fame. He was spotted chilling in open waters south of the Bahamas this time.

Drake is unquestionably eating lavishly, with his most recent LP Certified Lover Boy selling out in record time and his clothing and Nike collaborations flying off the shelves whenever they become available. He’s amassed such fortune that no one in his family will ever have to work again, so it’s no surprise to see him parlaying throughout the globe.

Also, given that his feud with rappers Kanye West and Pusha T is over, his worries in life are presumably minor. Akademiks shared the most recent Drake vacation on Instagram.

#drake in Turks n Caicos

Drake has been a little less busy on the music front than usual, which is natural when you’re raising a child. He’s been seen at a lot of events lately, and his son Adonis doesn’t seem to be far behind. We also observed Adonis “teaching” Drizzy how to speak French, which was a fantastic moment.

Drake’s incredibly amazing luck is compounded by the fact that he’s been doing a lot of online gambling to ring in the new year. He’s posted several times, exhibiting his winnings or simply demonstrating that he can wager on the fly. Take a look at the Instagram video below.

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