Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino has been going after Eminem since he was the publisher at The Source. The defunct “Hip Hop Bible” revealed in a press conference in the early 2000s that it had obtained an old recording on which a young Eminem was rapping racial obscenities against Black women.

Despite the fact that Shady acknowledged to making the tapes after a bitter divorce with a Black girlfriend and publicly apologized, he sued The Source for defamation and copyright infringement. After a judge found in favor of the newspaper, Eminem decided to dismiss the lawsuit.

For nearly two decades, Benzino has harbored animosity toward Eminem and regularly targets his devoted fan base. Slim Shady and his faithful band of stans were once again the focus of Benzino in two now-deleted tweets. He took it to Twitter to fire serious shots at them.

To all you p-ssy a– Stans, we all know y’all are the most corniest non violent coward fan base hip hop has ever seen. I have a restaurant in Atlanta 5071 Peachtree industrial boulevard Chamblee GA. stop tweeting and pull up on me you p-ssies.

I been left this sh-t alone but since the COWARD A– STANS still wanna talk sh-t and hide then it’s still f-ck Eminem and if you got a problem with me, do something about it nothing you ever said has effected me in anyway. I know how to fight and I got big sticks. So pull up.

“Face it stans y’all will always be hip hop goofiest most out of touch fan base straight bozos,” Benzino tweeted in November 2020, expressing his wrath for Eminem and his Stans.

During his tirade, the 57-year-old began deleting his tweets, but the most of them were screenshotted and clearly demonstrated his hatred for Eminem. It’s almost shocking that Benzino is back at it so quickly after apologizing for his childish behavior just recently.

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