The marijuana business has been growing as more states legalize the drug. The rappers are jumping on the opportunity to release their own brands or open dispensaries. The latest rapper to join the fold is 2 Chainz. He recently announced no marijuana challenge.

It is 100 percent not likely that 2 Chainz will spend the final days of February fasting from his use of marijuana. The Atlanta MC plugged his Dope Don’t Sell Itself album by issuing a clearly fake call to action. In an Instagram post on Friday he announced his campaign for a 72-hour weed-free challenge.

The campaign stretches from the non-existent calendar days of February 29 through February 31. He dropped the weed meme on instagram with a funny caption.

“My dawg say it’s time to slow down a lil bit. #dopedontsellitself”.

Rappers such as BIA and Killer Mike are also a staunch marijuana advocate. They immediately jumped in the comment section with crying laughing-face emoji. Justin Bieber questioned about Toni’s state of mind and commented, “Are you okay?”.

2 Chainz has openly voiced his advocacy for marijuana and the legal consumption and cultivation of the substance on multiple occasions. He even did an interview with Nancy Grace in 2015 where he engaged in a debate on the legislation of marijuana in the U.S.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper recently entered the lucrative retail world of recreational marijuana and opened his Pineapple Express weed dispensary in West Hollywood during Super Bowl LVI weekend on February 10.

Artoria Pendragon

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