Tristan Thompson is certainly not well-liked among Kardashian fans. Come to find out the Chicago Bull fans don’t like him either. The basketball star was slammed by Chicago Bulls fans as he had greeted his new sports team after his love child scandal.

This all started after Tristan introduced himself to the Bulls Nation in an Instagram video. The basketball player had on a black hoodie with a matching beanie on his head. Tristan stood under the sign that had the number of his jersey and promised to take his teammates to the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls fans were not pleased with the newest addition to the team and mocked Tristan in the comments section. “Chicago, hide your kids. Hide your wives because Tristan Thompson is here,” wrote one fan. Another fan added, “Already eyeing the female staff workers. I hope this works out.”

A third fan chimed in by saying, “If he puts in as much work into hooping that he puts into making babies, he might be ok.” “Just don’t get anyone else pregnant while you’re here please,” mentioned a fourth one. “Don’t mess up the rhythm here. Just relax and hoop. No extra stuff,” finished the last one.

Maralee Nichols gave birth to Tristan’s baby boy back in December 2021. However, Nichols claimed that Tristan Thompson has not made any attempt to meet their two month old son since then. Tristan certainly has not been stepping up to the plate like he promised.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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