Jenelle Evans is no stranger when it comes to finding new ways to set herself up for mockery. However, this time her husband, David Eason’s resurfaced Instagram post has done the job. Naturally, fans are not happy about it.

In 2019, David took to his Instagram to share a series of pictures with daughter Ensley. In the pictures, Ensley was holding a dead squirrel which they later ate for dinner. The resurfaced pictures have now garnered a lot of attention, and it’s definitely negative.

“Omg I would shit my pants if I saw my 3 year old child holding a dead squirrel like that. My kids think squirrels are cute and would never hurt one,” wrote one reddit user. “I get people hunting for food but this seems like it’s just for fun. I find it very disturbing,” commented another.

A third person chimed in by saying, “I’m from the midwest and this is absolutely disgusting. not a sheltered suburban brat, I’m from Chicago. sorry, we don’t hunt animals and we don’t eat the equivalent of RATS.” “TBH that kid looks uncomfortable. I think maybe she didn’t love every minute of the process,” pointed out the fourth user.

Previously, fans shed light on David’s abusive phone call to daughter Maryssa. Look at what the reddit users have to say below. Stay tuned to thirsty for more updates,

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