The Russian military has destroyed 74 Ukrainian military facilities, including 11 air bases, a report said quoting Russia’s Defense Ministry on Thursday. Many have spoken out against the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, from The Weeknd and Cardi B to Ashton Kutcher, Sean Penn and David Lynch. It seems like many Russian celebrities are coming forward to condemn the heinous act.

Oxxxymiron, a prominent Russian rapper, has cancelled six sold-out shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg indefinitely in protest of President Vladimir V. Putin’s invasion and assault on Ukraine according to The New York Times. Several famous celebrities in the country, including the rapper, have urged for an end to the war.

Oxxxymiron said in a statement (translated by The New York Times):

“I know that most people in Russia are against this war, and I am confident that the more people would talk about their real attitude to it, the faster we can stop this horror. I cannot entertain you when Russian missiles are falling on Ukraine—when residents of Kyiv are forced to hide in basements and in the metro, while people are dying.”

Kasta, Shym, Vladi, Khamil, Zmey, and Noize MC are among the Russian musicians who have spoken out against the invasion on Ukraine today. Oxxxymiron has previously criticized Putin, highlighting the Russian government’s practice of designating political opponents “foreign agents.”

He has attended court hearings to show his support for activists and peaceful political demonstrators. Members of Pu–y Riot were labelled foreign agents in late 2021, according to reports. They issued a number of declarations in opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.

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