British television personality and journalist, Piers Morgan began his Fleet Street career in 1988 at The Sun. Piers Morgan recently promised to put an end to cancel culture with his new TV talk-show.

He further stated that he’s willing to take those ultra woke lunatics head on. On a visit to Australia to commemorate the channel’s 25th anniversary, the journalist and broadcaster spoke to Sky News Australia while attending a celebration at the Sydney Opera House.

I’ll be calling out extremists from all sides, not just in Australia but anywhere – and especially those who think cancel culture’s a great idea and want to compel us all to lead their own dreary joyless lifestyles.

He also told News Corporation newspapers about his vision. Morgan’s new daily talk-show will be aired on Sky News Australia, the UK’s brand new TalkTV channel, and Fox Nation in the United States. Morgan’s drawing power has been recognized by international television coverage after his return from the United States in 2014, following his expulsion from CNN.

It’s part of a £50 million ($67 million) contract he struck with his former boss Rupert Murdoch, which includes regular columns in the UK tabloid The Sun, the New York Post in the United States, and a book with Murdoch’s publishing business Harper Collins.

Morgan stated in a statement at the time the contract was announced that he wants his show to be a bold arena for vibrant debate and agenda-setting interviews, as well as a place that honors the right for everyone to have an opinion. Morgan will take up the seat of shock jock Alan Jones on Sky News Australia, who was fired from the station last year due to a drop in viewership.

Along with Morgan’s big-ticket show, TalkTV in the UK will stream every weekday evening, with debate shows and news updates scheduled. It will be broadcast live in the United Kingdom and made widely available on all platforms, including linear television and over-the-top (OTT).

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