Lala Kent was in a relationship with Randall Emmett for long enough. However, Randall Emmett was then rumored to have been unfaithful to her which eventually led to their breakup. Now. it seems the reality star is ready to date again.

Kent spent her first Valentine’s Day without Emmett in a few years, but it really didn’t bother her. As she revealed on social media, While Kent had plans to spend V-Day with her brother, Easton, she ended up inviting a guy over to her house. Looks like Kent is allowing herself to have some fun.

“I’ve always been into yellow. I love yellow roses and the guy who I went on a date with a minute ago, shows up,” Kent said on Amazon Live on February 21, 2022. “It’s Valentine’s Day and I was like ‘hey do you want to come to my house, it’s my little brother’s birthday’ and he didn’t know that I was going to invite him and it was totally last minute.”

“He shows up and he has yellow roses for me. He’s like ‘I hope you like yellow roses.’ I was like ‘I do, and I didn’t even have to tell you,’” she continued. Lala also added that her ex got her red roses, referring to him as the other guy.

Lala is now a single mom of one after breaking off her engagement to Randall Emmett. While Kent may be taking things slow, we are happy that she is back in the dating scene. It’s Randall’s loss.

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