Kim Kardashian, a certified billionaire, has recently spent more than $95 million on her new private jet. No wonder she’s flying high these days, quite literally.

Sources confirmed to TMZ that she flew from Milan to L.A. on Friday. This trek took place thanks to a private jet that she had built from scratch.

Kim has been waiting a year for the completion of her G65OER jet and we have to admit, it’s quite incredible. The interiors and exteriors are remarkably painted in Créme. Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez helped her with the interiors. The seats are made of leather and the cabin has cashmere finishes.

There are many similarities between her home and the jet. The placemats, the plates, and even the color scheme- they’re all the same. Guests who board the jet are given a pair of SKIMS slippers and a set of pajamas to ensure a comfortable trip.

There are 18 seats in the jet. The total price of the jet must’ve easily exceeded $150 million after all the customizations. Jeff Bezos owns a jet of the same type too. When the plane landed, Kim was spotted in Prada, which shows that she is no longer into the Balenciaga looks that Kanye previously chose for her.

Sanchari Ghosh

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