Kanye has been making headlines ever since he took to Instagram to talk about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Since then he has published and taken down many posts from social media. As has come to be expected from Ye, he did it yet again.

After taking a break to celebrate the release of his new album Donda 2, Kanye West was returned to posting about Pete Davidson on Instagram. He made a claim on instagram on Thursday bragging about running Pete off Instagram. “Ran Skete off the gram” he wrote next to a snap of Pete’s defunct account.

Pete Davidson rejoined the instagram three years after deactivating his account for the good of his mental health. Fans speculated that he had rejoined the platform to finally issue some kind of response to Ye’s harassment. Pete’s new account very quickly gained millions of followers.

Hours later fans noticed that Pete’s Instagram account had mysteriously disappeared from the platform. It prompted his disappointed followers to think that the barrage of abusive comments he was getting after making his first post in years had caused him to deactivate again. However Kanye’s since deleted post from instagram claimed otherwise.

Although Pete later said that he deleted his own instagram account because he didn’t want social media to begin with. It is still mystery what actually might have happened.

Recently some people on social media have been sharing an old post of the Donda rapper and claiming he might be heading to Russia for a Sunday Service. The rumors about Kanye heading to Russia to meet Putin started after an old Billboard article surfaced online. The headline read “Ye planning Russia trip tp meet Putin and perform Sunday service, says advisor”.

Amid this, another news report by XXL was shared on the platform. Here, the headline reads: “Kanye West is going to Russia to meet President Vladimir Putin, plans to make Russia his second home”. Kanye was never going to go to Russia. Speaking to Insider Pierre Rougier, a representative of Kanye had slammed the reports saying it is “entirely fabricated”.

The feud between Kanye West, Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson is going for quite sometimes now and there is more to come. We will be keep updating as their drama develops. Keep an eye on Thirsty to be updated.

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