Kid Cudi & Eminem collaboration is one of the most adorable collaborations in the industry fans have ever seen. They just light up the stage whenever they perform together. Producer DotDaGenius recently revealed Kid Cudi & Eminem’s Moon Man & Slim Shady origin.

DotDaGenius, Kid Cudi’s longtime producer and friend, has detailed the spontaneous process that led to the Cleveland Hip Hop veteran’s 2020 duet with Eminem. To mark the final days of Black Future Month, DotDaGenius produced a special beat breakdown video describing the creative process behind “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady” on Instagram on Friday, February 25.

The Brooklyn-bred producer disclosed during the short reel that he really produced the instrumental for the record years before Kid Cudi used it.

“I made that beat in 2017. Fast forward to 2020, the year of the pandemic, Cudi always had it and started writing to it. We went to the studio, cut it — it sounded crazy.”

He also said that it was Kid Cudi’s idea to bring in Eminem for the album, which he gladly accepted. He claimed that Kid Cudi motivated him to tighten the production’s mechanics in preparation for the “Rap God’s” monster guest verse.

“Then he said he wanted to get Eminem on it and I was like, ‘Okay, yes.’ Before he did that, though, I had the beat in a good place but I had my homie, Jay Graham, to come through and some much-needed sounds for dynamics. He’s really good with that.”

He went on to say how favorably Eminem responded to the music after Kid Cudi submitted it to him, and how pleased he was with the Shady Records MC’s outstanding guest verse, which addressed crucial social justice concerns.

“I remember Cudi hit Eminem up, he loved the record. I remember when he [Eminem] sent it back, it couldn’t have been more for the time. Because we had just lost George Floyd and Eminem made a good choice to address it on that record.”

DotDaGenius also offered Kid Cudi his flowers for his bar-heavy stanza, expressing his conviction that when the Cleveland-bred lyricist raps in this style, he is at his most deadly.

“It’s just a hard record, I’m really proud of it. Cudi snapped — whenever Cudi gets in his God-ton rap voice, watch out.”

The song was also released at a pivotal point in Kid Cudi’s career, as he collaborated with Travis Scott on the chart-topping “The Scotts” single. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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