Shaquille O’Neal is widely considered to be one of the best basketball players of all time. He’s also a big pro wrestling fan who’s appeared in both WWE and AEW. It seems like former basketball legend Gary Payton had some funny stories to share about Shaq in a recent interview.

Gary Payton discussed rejoining with Shaq as a member of the Miami Heat in the most recent video from Vlad TV. After the Hall of Fame rejected the proposal during a team meeting, he pulled Shaq aside and told him Dwayne Wade needed to be their go-to guy moving forward.

Vlad curiously asked him if the rumor about Gary having Shaq’s underwear framed at his house is true. Gary Payton erupted in a hysterical laugh that went on for quite a few seconds. Before explaining why he has Shaq’s underwear framed, Payton recounted winning his only NBA championship with the Heat.

You know, I got that on my floor in the back and I move, so I got those big old shorts, man. But Shaq… we used to always play… jokes. Shaq is a jokester; so if one of the rookies were being stalled, he would take a bucket, and he used to take a bath from in it; for about a week. And then all of a sudden he poured on them, so we start being jokesters. So I said I gotta get him. So I got his shorts from him one day and I took ’em and he had to wear them underneath his thing and be free-ball but we messed up his pants, so he didn’t have no drawers because he was trying to find his drawers and I had ’em. You know what I’m saying? So he had to ride a towel around him.

Payton is best known for his 13-year tenure with the Seattle SuperSonics, and holds Seattle franchise records in points, assists, and steals. He also played with the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat. Payton won an NBA championship with the Heat in 2006. Watch the video above to hear Payton’s explanation.

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Transcription by Thirsty

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