Cardi B established herself as one of the best female rappers in the Hip Hop world and her music has reached people all over the globe. She has also used her influence recently to speak on matters that affect the world explicitly. The WAP rapper took to Twitter and addressed the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Cardi has complimented Joe Budden for always supporting her career, despite clapping back to insults he made about her last month. She has crazy time to do anything she wants because she’s sitting on top of the world and not working on a project, according to Budden.

Joe spoke about it on his popular podcast just a few weeks ago. “I have mad time because I’m not doing an album and I have all the money in the world, so much so, you see me every month trying to give it away. I’m giving Offset money, I’m buying a house over here, a house over here, I’m paying for funerals.”

Cardi quickly deleted a post in which she misinterpreted the comments as calling her lazy, but things between the Love & Hip Hop: New York stars are well. A video of Budden calling Cardi a “superstar” went viral recently, causing the “Up” rapper to retweet it with a message.

I told y’all he always believed in me. That’s why I always got love for him even when he gets me mad …That’s my mean uncle.

Cardi tweeted a sweet message with a vintage photo of herself with Budden and Rory Farrell, former co-host of The Joe Budden Podcast. Take a look at the love exchange in the video below.

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