Russia engaged in military conflict with the Ukraine and the world is taking notice. This time Ashton Kutcher has chosen a side. That 70s’ Show has made it clear that he stands by Ukraine.

Ashton Kutcher was one of many stars who showed their support for Ukraine in wake of Russia’s attacks on its neighboring country. On February 24, the actor took to his twitter to convey that he is on Ukraine’s side. The message comes from a little closer to home for Ashton, as his wife Mila Kunis, lived in the European country when she was a child.

Ashton’s tweet said, “I stand with Ukraine.” The actor showed support to his wife’s home country, where she lived until she was seven-years-old. Besides sympathizing with the people of Ukraine during this tumultuous time, Ashton made sure to play the part of a responsible husband.

Mila grew up in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, when it was still a part of the Soviet Union. The actor’s parents were well off, but didn’t think that Ukraine or Russia were going to be the best place for opportunity for the her and her brother.

“My parents both had amazing jobs, and I was very lucky. We were not poor when we lived in Russia, whereas most people were very unfortunate. My parents thought that my brother and I would have no future there, though, so we moved to the United States,”

Meanwhile, This situation between Russia and the Ukraine sparked a ton of controversy. The Weeknd also got heat for tweeting out to hype his own project during a time like this. Sean Penn is also in the war-torn country filming a documentary.

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