Zendaya is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. The actress is really sought after in recent times as she continues to slay every role she gets. It seems the actress also got self deprecating humor.

The Euphoria star roasted herself on Instagram after paparazzi in Rome caught her taking a tumble on some stairs. The video has now turned into a viral meme. But it seems the actor herself is all for her misfortune turning into entertainment for the internet.

On Monday the Euphoria and Spider-Man actor shared the video screengrab on her Instagram Stories. “I can’t stop laughing, did they really have to take a video of me tripping?” she wrote in the captioned. The 25-year-old was seen cracking up at herself in a video posted to her IG story telling her fans “They got me Crying”.

The video in question shows Zendaya get out of her car and walk into a building escorted by security personnel. But as soon as she reaches the entrance, she trips and falls with her bodyguards catching her before she hit the floor. She was apparently heading into Eitch Borromini for lunch when she nearly hit the pavement.

The awkward way in which she fell meant the video and screengrabs of the actor from it were soon circulating as memes online. Zendaya even shared a few of them on social media.

Fans loved Zendaya’s enthusiasm and sense of humor. “She is hilarious,” one commented on a post by a fan account on Instagram. Others even applauded her for not even flinching as she fell. “She was so smooth with it though,” wrote another fan.

Zendaya also shared a meme that was made of the pic, edited to look like she was flying through the air towards Marvel sorcerer Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Checkout the hilarious meme and the video below :

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