NBA YoungBoy has released a new track titled “I Hate YoungBoy” in response to Lil Durk’s diss in his new single “AHH HA.” The intense four-minute track, which was released exclusively on YouTube this Tuesday, is loaded with combustible bars tossed by a disgruntled YoungBoy.

YoungBoy takes shots at Chicago’s O Block, Lil Durk’s fiancé India Royale, and even Durk’s OTF affiliate King Von throughout the song. YoungBoy spits absolute fire right from the track’s opening verse. This was also a bit of a lyrical slide at the late King Von, because Quando Rondo is mentioned, the man who Von was fighting with on the night that Lil Tim, an associate of Rondo’s shot and killed King Von.

Quando got no filter, and he say that, they gon’ f-ck with ’em/Clean up on aisle O, youngin let that chop blow/Ayy, my brother let that stick blow, n—- know that’s my smoke/He called me a b-tch, that’s India, that be your ho.

Later, YoungBoy claims that Durk’s remarks on “AHH HA” didn’t bother him. In the song “AHH HA,” he also answers to Durk’s insult at his ex-girlfriend Jania Meshell. YoungBoy even mentions Gucci Mane, claiming that he used to “f-ck with” him until discovering that he was friends with “p-ssy n—-s,” referring to Durk.

Why you drop that whack-a– song? P-ssy b-tch, you shoulda known. B-tch, don’t bring my baby momma up, she richer than your n—-s.

Durk took shots at YoungBoy in a couple lyrics on his most recent 7200 single, and the diss comes less than 24 hours later. YoungBoy’s new song comes after he released another new song named “Opposite” to his YouTube fans on Monday. YoungBoy questioned fans in the track’s caption if he should release Realer 2 on Tuesday, the follow-up to his 2018 tape.

It’s unclear whether “Opposite” or “I Hate YoungBoy” is intended to be a single from the new album, but the Baton Rouge rapper didn’t release it anyhow. Check out NBA YoungBoy’s track below.

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