Kanye West unveiled his latest album Donda 2 to the world last night. A huge event from Miami was live-streamed around the globe for fans to get their first listen to the new record. Kanye had some technical difficulties during the show, but fans were thrilled to check out the album.

One particular new lyric had fans going crazy on Twitter. Kanye invoked the name of legendary actor Morgan Freeman in one of his tracks. West rhymed Freeman’s name with “semen,” sending social media into a frenzy.

Fans were baffled by the choice of wordplay. Many joked that Freeman didn’t deserve to be associated with Kanye West. The jokes came from all angles.

“Yo leave Morgan Freeman out of this, Kanye”

“When you start to panic because you see Morgan Freeman trending, but then you see it’s just because Kanye is being Kanye.. #DONDA2”

“I feel so sorry for Morgan Freeman. “Oh good, when Kanye ejaculates he hears my voice…and now it’s a song lyric.””

“Morgan Freeman: “The penguins huddle together as the unrelenting winds batter their community.” Kanye West: “And… I’m spent…” *lights cigarette *”

Kanye West is likely thrilled with the reaction. It only brings more attention to Donda 2. Fans are just having fun with one of Ye’s most peculiar lyrics ever.

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Michael Perry

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