Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal have feuded for a long-time in the past, and their feud was well known to those around the NBA. The two had various issues among them but not much was known to the public. Together they have won three championships but that wasn’t enough to keep them from having disputes.

Los Angeles Lakers eventually ended up trading Shaq to Miami and offered Kobe a 6-year contract. In the latest VladTV clip, former NBA star guard Gary Payton opened up about the feud between the two Lakers superstars.

The Hall of Famer Gary Payton said both players received secondhand information from others, hence the friction between the two.

“That was where everything got crazy because when you hear something about somebody, and then you get it in second hand, you go make a song and you make that about it when you don’t understand what really happened by going to the guy and do it.”

Payton when asked about tension between the duo

“I think that was the whole big deal about that its because they never talked. It was always somebody hearing something about this well he said this and then you see it in the media and all of a sudden they fued, now they wanted to fight each other and that’s how it was and that’s why I think it was good for me and Karl to be on the team at the time”

Payton said of the two

As time passed by, Kobe and Shaq did reconcile with each other. However, the sentiment was always present among the fans and the Lakers alike that they could have won more if the duo had repaired their relationship earlier.

Bhupen Dange

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