Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy played characters that didn’t like each other in Mad Max: Fury Road. Apparently, the actors didn’t like each other in person either. The two had a very tense relationship and Theron requested on-set ‘protection’ after she ‘felt threatened’ by Hardy.

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy’s rocky relationship devolved into intense verbal fights. The cast and crew spoke out about it in new interviews. Theron called Hardy a ‘f**king c***’ after he made her wait on set for hours. She demanded protection as she felt threatened Hardy.

The tea is spilled in New York Times columnist Kyle Buchanan’s new book Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild And True Story Of Mad Max: Fury Road. An excerpt from the book is published by Vanity Fair. In the excerpt, members of the production detail how Theron got a female producer to be with her at all times as ‘protection’ against Hardy.

Camera operator Mark Goellnicht recalled how Hardy was often late for the start of shooting. This made Charlize furious who was always punctual. “Fine the f**king c*** a hundred thousand dollars for every minute that he’s held up this crew,” Tom Hardy then charged up to Theron with “What did you say to me?” and the verbal fight continued.

The camera operator said Hardy seemed quite aggressive, and that his costar felt threatened. Theron requested veteran producer Denise Di Novi accompany her on set. She then had a producer that was assigned to be with her all the time, he explained. Producer Doug Mitchell forced Di Novi to stay at the production office to avoid slowdowns and to keep her away from director George Miller.

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