Britney Spears unfollowed her younger sister Jamie Lynn on Instagram. This is despite the fact Jamie Lynn is still following Britney Spears on Instagram. The pop icon is now coming forward with details about the strife between the sisters.

Earlier, Britney Spears called Jamie Lynn “scum” over Jamie’s tell-all book drama. Jamie got a lot of heat regarding the contents of her book. She also got accused to profiting off her sister Britney’s tragedy.

Britney Spears is continuing to speak out against her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. She is airing out grievances as she shares more details of family drama from the past. All of this is being done at Britney’s favorite social media forum, Instagram.

“I’m sorry I called you scum but why did you lie about when I went home???” the “Toxic” singer began her lengthy Instagram post shared on Feb. 23. “It’s like you’re going out of your way to lie about me and make me look bad !!! And if I wasn’t your sister I would believe everything you’re saying in your interviews … you’re actually believable !!!”

Britney didn’t just stop there. She continued, “It’s scary  !!! You and dad pushed me in the corner about my broken foot and you guys were poking at it… I felt ganged up on so I said ‘shut the f–k up !!!’ I never stick up for myself, so you were shocked !!!” The pop princess continued by claiming Jamie Lynn “went into the closet and screamed like a drama queen” and caused a scene in her mom, Lynne Spears‘ closet.

Britney remarked that she should have been the one screaming although she never did. She went on to claim Jamie “never let me hold the baby” and was hesitant about letting her older sister get close with her children. She also mentioned that Jamie would “just yank her [baby] out of my arms.”

The post has since been deleted but you can find an even more detailed text here.

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Shifa Jahan

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