Tinder Swindler isn’t apparently the only one who thinks he acquired a poor rep because of the Netflix documentary. His bodyguard, Peter, believes the same and he has threatened to take legal action against the streaming platform.

If you’ve seen the documentary, you know we’re talking about Peter, who was extensively featured as Simon Leviev’s personal security guard. Some people believe the documentary portrays him as a participant in Leviev’s alleged schemes and Peter is not happy about it.

That’s what he and his team are alleging, and they believe it’s harmed Peter’s reputation and ability to work, so they’ve sent Netflix a cease-and-desist letter. They have a lot of demands, similar to how Simon deals with one of his GFs.

Attorney Joanna Parafianowicz said in a letter obtained by TMZ that she wants Netflix to pull the ‘Swindler’ documentary entirely. Not only that, but she wants Netflix to apologize to Peter on its official websites.

Of course, Peter is also demanding money owing to irreparable damage to his reputation and career, as he describes it. In total, he is seeking 5 million Euros (about $5.6 million). His reasoning is that Netflix never obtained his permission to use his image or likeness, nor did it provide his side of the story.

Peter’s lawyer claimed that the present portrayal of him, notably that he was aware of Simon’s actions, is absolutely incorrect. They claimed that Peter was fully unaware of the situation. In the wake of ‘Swindler’ becoming a major streaming smash, Parafianowicz has already vowed to sue, but now she’s putting it in writing.

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