Kobe Bryant will forever be remembered as the greatest basketball player to have ever lived on our planet. It should come as no surprise when memorabilia related to the legends always gets traded for massive amounts of money and even more when they are no longer with us.

One such super-rare Kobe Bryant collectible was recently sold for a whopping $2 million! TMZ reports that someone at the auction made a fortune from this deal, which sold 1997-98 Metal Universe Basketball Card.

The most valuable cards when it comes to collectibles are the Precious Metal Gems Cards. In fact, outside of autographs, these are some of the most desired post-war sports cards.

The card that was sold at the auction for ridiculously expensive amount was 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems. One of the rarest Kobe Cards in existence. Reports further detail that this deal set an all-time record for a Kobe Card.

“This is arguably Kobe’s best card in existence,” “It’s more desirable than even a Kobe Bryant rookie card or a Kobe Bryant autograph.”

“These Precious Metal Gems variants are arguably the most desired insert card in the entire world,”

“These set the tone for the insert market going forward.”

Marketplace executive Jesse Craig said.

The front of the card features a shot of Kobe Bryant from his young days with his Lakers Jersey passing the ball, whereas backside of the card displays K0be’s stats from 96-97 season.

More information relating to this card can be read at beckett.com

Bhupen Dange

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