Miley Cyrus has a very edgy persona on camera and it could be seen in full form at the Gucci Campaign. This is a far cry from her Hannah Montana roots, but she’s been going against the grain long before her official split with Disney. The singer-songwriter has once again put down all the stops while dressing in extremely revealing clothes.

The Wrecking Ball singer took to Instagram and posted a picture of her crowd surfing at the Gucci Love Parade campaign. Miley was seen sporting nothing but Gucci thigh-high stockings and a transparent logo bra. She complimented the look with bright yellow slide-on heels on her feet and a tiny furry white skirt with a matching jacket.

In another shot, she was seen sitting at a table in a restaurant and indulging in a bite of Princess cake. She was seen seductively licking her fingers while enjoying the sweet treat. Miley could also be seen wearing a mysterious crystal-embellished black mask with bunny ears on her face.

Miley wasn’t the only person involved in the whole shoot. The video features a list of high-profile artists, including Jared Leto, Snoop Dogg, Beanie Feldstein, Deng Lun, and Lee Jung-Jae. The campaign focuses on Portraying the modern myth of cinema through a sequence of obsessions and desires, the campaign transforms into a tale of characters.

Jared Leto was also pictured at a restaurant booth wearing a lilac tuxedo with a large floral boutonnière. Snoop sported a large burgundy velvet necktie and was seen wearing a pair of oversized orange-shade glasses with the Gucci logo on the side. Squid Game actor Lee Jung-Jae rocked a vintage-style plaid suit with a dark gold velvet bow tie.

While everyone expressed their style in their own unique way while sticking to the theme of the day, Miley’s dress was way more attention-grabbing than any other artist present there.

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