Kanye West is the versatile rapper of the industry who recently composed his biggest hit DONDA 2. Fans were eagerly waiting for its release. Recently, Kanye West assisted his fans in availing this great album.

While Kanye West has yet to release his highly anticipated follow-up to DONDA, he confirmed earlier this week that DONDA 2 would not be available on digital streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, or TIDAL. Instead, Ye stated the new project would only be available through the $200 Stem Player he announced in 2021, which could be customized.

For all intents and purposes, Kanye West is still planning to release DONDA 2 on February 22nd and will premiere the album at another large listening event at Miami’s LoanDepot Park Stadium. Fans have already been clamoring for Kanye’s Stem Player ahead of Tuesday’s event, and the Yeezy Mogul, according to a since-deleted tweet from Kanye, has made over $2.2 million in the process.

“To earn the $2.2 million we made on the first day on the stem player the album would have had to stream 500 million times. We did more revenue on stem player, without the album even being out, than we would have done with the album being out on streaming.”

While Kanye’s anti-streaming revolution has paid off for him, it has put his relationship with Apple Music in jeopardy. According to rumors, Ye turned down a $100 million agreement with Apple in order to launch the project on his Stem Player, a decision that Apple Music affiliates were not pleased with. Ye shared a text on Friday, February 18, and then added a caption to it.

“From Damian. Please inform Ye that the apple is no longer doing the sponsorship deal.” 

“Duh” with an eye roll emoji and laughing emoji.”

“I love how Apple only sees artist in only one way,” Kanye wrote alongside a screenshot of a separate text from “Randy” at Live Nation who had asked him to cut a $2 million check for the upcoming listening event. “They’ll sit with Daniel Ek but won’t meet with Ye. I remember me and Virg were with Daniel Ek in the club in Stockholm and he told me he could tell I get more pussy than him.”

While slamming Apple, Ye also revealed the DONDA 2 tracklist on Instagram on Friday, after confirming Future’s involvement as executive producer. The tracklist was handwritten and featured 22 tracks, beginning with “Security.” “True Love,” “Broken Road,” “I’m Finna Love Me,” “Selfish,” “Do I Look Happy,” and “Things Change” are among the other titles. There are no confirmed features, however, based on Kanye’s previous tracklists, this tracklist may not even be finished yet.

Kanye has been promoting his latest fashion collaboration with Gap and Balenciaga, which he revealed last month and is slated to debut Tuesday night to coincide with the release of DONDA 2. The first official drop, which was announced on Instagram on Tuesday morning, features eight different styles, including four different logo tees, a pair of pants, and a washed Gap logo sweatshirt.

The lengthy campaign for DONDA 2 hasn’t been without its bumps, and Kanye has burned a lot of bridges in the run-up to the album’s release on February 22. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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