Nick Cannon’s relationship with supermodel Jessica White is much stronger than fans can imagine. In 2020, White went viral for declaring his undying love for the media magnate on social media, and photographs of the two posing near-nude together quickly followed.

While some assumed this was a fresh romance, White later revealed that they have been together for some years. White even said that she and Cannon had a miscarriage, but when he reappeared with a new child on the way, she gave her blessings and walked away from the scenario.

People have taken to White’s comment sections with hateful sentiments now that Cannon has welcomed a few more children and is expecting more. White has in return decided to post a lengthy response.

Oh you guys are so fiesty. It’s the same comments all the time, ‘ I’ll never be his baby momma because I’m not his type, he played you, why are you taking up for him, he don’t want you girl!’ I understand we live in a world where it’s popular to hate your ‘ex’ but I’m not nor will I ever be that girl. I’m sorry if my ability to show kindness bother you. I just know Nick deserves more credit as an artist than he gets. That’s all! Now I’ll leave you all back to saying how stupid I am for not being in the comments and dogging him.

In a poll, Hollywood Unlocked posed the topic of whether legendary musician Travis Barker or Nick Cannon in his film Drumline had greater drum skills. People chastised White for praising Cannon’s abilities, asking why she would laud someone who had supposedly wronged her. She obviously clapped back. Check out the posts in reference below.

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