Kanye West is already walking on thin rope given the drama he has been creating with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Now his fans are chiming in on another issue of a delay in the drop of his album Donda 2.

The Yeezy mogul previously decided to drop his album Donda 2 at February 22 midnight but as things stand, it has failed to materialize. Angry fans have taken to Twitter to share their annoyance and slam Kanye over the album’s delay. The delay is expected to enable the simultaneous listening party which is scheduled on the same day.

“Where’s #donda2 lol. That album is never coming out,” one complained. “IS #DONDA2 HAPPENING???? that’s all I want to know,” another ranted. A third joked: “Y’all really thought #DONDA2 was dropping huh smh.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the album as they believe it will have some of the best tracks by Kanye. The new collection will be the eleventh studio album by Kanye West, who now goes by the name Ye. The album will be released through GOOD Music, the record label founded by West himself in 2004.

There is however one crux on the album release. While many fans are used to streaming music through sites such as Apple Music and Spotify, it will cost about $200 to listen to Ye’s new album. The album can only be heard through Kanye’s Donda Stem Player, which costs $200 in the US.

While fans are infuriated at the fact that his album is late, there are no second thoughts on further delaying. With this album, Kanye might take a break from indulging in any drama with his ex-wife and his current partner.

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