Billie Eilish isn’t letting Kanye West’s threat influence her concert playbook. She’s still making sure her fans are safe and sound. She didn’t hesitate to call a halt to her act, this time in New York.

The singer was on stage at Madison Square Garden when she took a breather and then invited the audience to do the same, lowering the intensity level in the room. Not only that, but Eilish also requested those in the front row to take a step back and give each other space.

Clearly, Billie put the audience’s safety first before moving on to the next song. It doesn’t appear that many people were bothered. In fact, judging on the emotions captured on camera, it appears that they may have loved it and were more than eager to comply.

Billie finally inquired if everyone was okay and then she started strumming some chords on her guitar, re-energizing the audience. She did something similar a few weeks ago in Atlanta, when she paused her show to a complete halt over a fan who appeared to be in distress, even offering her an inhaler she had on hand.

Billie also mentioned that she likes to make sure her fans are safe at her gigs, which was generally interpreted as a dig at Travis Scott, despite the fact that she never mentioned his name. Ye mistook it for a jab and vowed to withdraw out of Coachella, where Billie is also performing, until she apologized to Travis.

For the record, she has not apologized and instead appears intent on making it a habit to cool out and check in on people. There are other major festivals coming up soon, and it will be interesting to watch whether more musicians follow suit.

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Gunjan Nath

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