It’s the end of an era, allegedly. According to a report from LoveBScott Wendy Williams’ talk show has been cancelled and will officially end in June. The Sherri Shepherd Show slated to replace it on the airwaves later this fall.

Sherry shepherd has closed a deal to become the permanent host of the former wendy williams show. Sources close to production have that “The producers informed everyone that Wendy’s show was being cancelled at the end of June. Then in the next breath they hired everyone to work on Sherri’s new show”.

It’s previously been reported that executives at The Wendy Williams Show have been trying to wrap things up. They were trying to find a suitable replacement for several years now as the host has been checked out for quite some time. Some claimed that she was increasingly difficult to work with before she took a medical leave.

“Wendy had become somewhat unbearable, having tantrums and throwing things at people” sources shared at the time. “Basically the consensus among the crew is that she didn’t wanna be there anymore. Her illnesses may have exacerbated that feeling”.

As the rumours have begun making rounds online, reactions from Twitter users have been pouring in. “End of an era!” one person wrote. “No matter how you feel about Wendy, she opened a door that was closed to many Black women in radio and created a lane that many are now copying”. “EVERY radio show now has a celebrity gossip segment. Other shows that came after now duplicate some form of Hot Topics”. Another wrote “I give Sherri’s show one, MAYBE two seasons before it’s over”. 

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